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ESD protection solution for the fingerprint authentication system2012/10/05

With the popularization of portable electronic products, people pay more and more attention to security functions. For example, the function of fingerprint authentication is applied to laptop, USB flash drive, cell-phone, entrance guard's system, and access control devices. However, if the function of authenticating the personal identity is going wrong, the impact will affect widely. For instance, the amount of bank deposit, the confidential or personal data and so on are stolen or loss. One of the main field returns of the fingerprint authentication system is caused by the electrostatic discharge, or says ESD event. If the protection from electrostatic discharge on fingerprint authentication sensor is not strong enough, the system will very apt to be damaged when people touch the fingerprint sensor.

Amazing Microelectronic Corp. provides the electrostatic discharge protection components, AZ1015-02S with SOT23 package and AZ1015-02N with SOT143 package for fingerprint authentication system to against the ESD damage in real world. Both of them can pass ESD test specification 61000-4-2 for system level 4, air 15KV/ contact 8KV, and they can be applied to different end products.

During engineers merge the fingerprint authentication system with ESD protection devices, the ESD robustness and reliability will be different when choosing different solutions. Designer should choose ESD components with lower clamping voltage (but still higher than VCC for latch-up free) to improve the ESD robustness of the system.

Amazing Microelectronic Corp. provides ESD protection components with low capacitance and high quality. AZ1015 series products are designed for fingerprint authentication, especially. AZ1015 series products have fast response time, low turn on voltage, low clamping voltage and low electric capacitance, etc. Therefore AZ1015 series products can protect the system from ESD damage effectively. Otherwise, because the low capacitance characteristic of AZ1015 series products, it does not interfere the transmission signal of fingerprint and could reduce design difficulty.

A lot of applications with fingerprint authentication come out today. Several international IT companies request higher and higher ESD performance for their products, because these systems with confidential consideration can not make any mistakes. Customers can ask suppliers to offer specification of ESD level. Therefore, it can guarantee electronic products to be more durable and reliable.

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