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Amazing published highly security and reliability of the RS485 Transceiver for smart grid application2014/03/24


In the modern smart grid, RS485 network has become the most important data transmission interface. Because the Internet generally is installed outdoors, it is easy to encounter lightning strikes and other electrostatic interference, which led to a large number of smart metering equipments damaged. In order to improve the smart grid system reliability and security, AMC bases on experience accumulated in ESD field of research and development over the years. The RS485 transceiver AZRS3082 with the strongest anti-lightning protection up to +-30A is introduced. In addition to Surge function added, the product is also industry-leading performance in HRM, IEC-61000-4-2 Air, MM and CDM ... and so on.
Integrated generation, transmission, distribution and electricity network client of smart grid. The properties of lower power consumption and energy efficiency in end-use have been into the main carbon reduction policies by United States, EU, ​​Japan, Korea, China, and other countries. The U.S. and Europe regions comprehensive facelift smart meters will do before 2020. According to Morgan-Stanley estimates that the global smart grid market size will reach $US 20 billion, and the smart meter devices will be up to 100 million in 2010. It will be able to grow to more than $US 100 billion in size at March 2030.
In Taiwan, under the Executive Yuan approved in June this year, the official launch of the "smart meter infrastructure to promote the program (Advanced Metering Infrastructure, AMI)" provisioning plan shows that the BOE (Bureau of Energy) does smart meters facelift 300 households in Taipei and Hsinchu two regions at September as an exemplary low-AMI systems. In order to carry out technical feasibility and assessment of timing electricity price, the TPC (Taiwan Power Company) expects to finish 10,000 installations at the end of the 2012 as comprehensive expansion and follow-up reference.

Although smart meters are just general electronic meters plus two-way communication in technical, people will conduct greatly influence and change at electricity environment. In the past, the traditional mechanical meter can continuously record the accumulative total electricity consumption, but for these the actual power usage no way of knowing. By the help of smart meters, each electricity unit current of electricity consumption, energy efficiency, peak / off-peak hours ... and other data records can be passed back the smart grid power control unit immediately. So it can do electric power load forecast and balance control deployment. According to different periods to determine the price of electricity, it can also be adjusted the optimum power units of electricity consumption, in order to achieve the goal of saving energy costs.

The meter recording needs to rely on a large number of meter readers to on-site meter reading way once every two months in the past. They note the total electricity consumption per household, and then to calculate the electricity fee. In this operation mode, the power control unit is difficult to immediately grasp the latest information of each power unit on electricity. Naturally, it’s also unable to change the electricity situation which depends on dynamically overall electricity demand forecasts and adjustment. If smart meter can update every 15 minutes to record and transmit data, it can eliminate backward information phenomenon. Not only improve the power generation, transmission, distribution on the efficiency and stability, but also save a lot of meter reading by manual and meter inspection costs. Through the real-time data and signal analysis, it is easy to detect the meter abnormal or not. It also has great help for the rapid discovery stealing and failure problems.
In addition, in the future if the end-user has power generation equipments, such as cogeneration, wind power, solar panels ... and so on. Through the smart meter at the premises may record its generation capacity. If there is excess electricity, it can be stored own rechargeable batteries for off-peak hours usage. It can also sell back to the central control of the power company or other electrical units. Each unit splits between account and billing information which are required to record through a smart meter to carry out.
Seen from the above smart grid’s smart meters is in a key position. How to maintain its security and stability, such that the electrical data can be recorded by the individual terminal device and transmitted through the appropriate interface, real-time and correctly transmit to the remote concentrator to avoid people who are interested in the process of being invaded and tampering will be extremely important. The current micro-power wireless systems, PLC, Ethernet, RS485 ... other transmission interface has an associated industry during the fight. But the foregoing considerations in makes the RS485 become the most widely used by the industry. A lot of advanced countries in formulating their smart meter specifications have set the RS485 transceiver to be one of the criteria. In other words, in the future smart meter will not be necessarily support micro-power wireless, PLC, Ethernet ... and other projects, but there will be a RS485 interface exists.
The cost of network installation that using RS485 compared to others not only lower, the overall building program is also very easy. The engineer is just only lines with screws to complete the construction, no longer have to use additional equipment and fittings. In addition, RS485 also has many-transmission (32 Driver / 32 Receiver) and 1.2 Km ultra-long distance communication. When the ground potential is not the same between transmitting and receiving sites, it still sends data smoothly.  Its input reception sensitivity is +/- 200mV, as well as strong against noise and interference, and high-quality data transmission advantage. In addition to smart grid, there are many building monitor systems, access control system, automatic lighting system, as well as the factory motor control systems, automation equipment control system ... and so on. The high quality requirements for data transmission systems are constituted by the RS485 network.
Smart grid transmitted electricity information which represents the large money flow in the behind. Somewhat of error or equipment failures will cause serious loss by relevant units. The smart grid’s RS485 cable line usually is at outdoors or erected along the power line. It easy result the instantaneous large current by lightning strikes and other electrostatic interference. Therefore a large number of smart meter RS485 devices are damaged caused by it.
In order to improve the smart grid system reliability and security, AMC ameliorates lightning protection components of traditional RS485 transceiver which plus and integrated TVS devices into CMOS chip, and releases the product of AZRS3082 RS485 transceiver. The built-in special TVS in AZRS3082 not only withstand a high order of lightning current, lightning clamping voltage (Surge Clamping Voltage) is also very low, such that the RS485 transceiver can get a better safety protection.
Except withstand Surge up to +-30A which is far beyond the others in the industry. In HRM, IEC-61000-4-2 Air, MM and CDM ... and others are also excellent performance. RS485 transceiver can provide a full range of ESD protection to reduce the failure probability of occurrence.


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