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High Performance Analog Switches with System-Level ESD Protected Capability2013/01/29


Amazing Microelectronic Corp.(AMC) launched analog switches for USB, LAN, Audio, Video, and general purpose applications. The AZAW2210F / AZAW2210FB / AZAW2211F / AZAW2212F were designed for USB2.0, AZAW501F were for Giga LAN, AZAW2411P / AZAW4210P / AZAW5210P / AZAW7210F were for video applications, AZAW2412P / AZAW2412T / AZAW1211C /AZAW2213F / AZAW2214F were for audio applications, and AZAW1210C / AZAW1110C / AZAW1111C / AZAW2110T were for general purpose applications, respectively. Using these switches, high performance digital or analog signals can be easily communicated and controlled between each channel.
Most of the analog switches must have some main characteristics of the low on-resistance, high-bandwidth, low signal interference to meet the feature of market. However, AMC's analog switches in addition to the above characteristics has better performance, also built-in system-level ESD(electrostatic discharge) protection capability and back-drive protection. AMC's analog switches can pass 8kV contact-mode pin-injection system-level ESD test of the standard IEC61000-4-2 requirements (all consumer electronics products have to pass the test requirements of IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection capability before trafficking available), and will not affect signal integrity(SI). So that, PCB(printed circuit board) designer will not need to consider external high-performance ESD protection device and back-drive protection components, which greatly reduces the PCB layout space and the difficulty of using the two-layer printed circuit board, such as drawings Fig. 1 & Fig. 2.
Fig. 1 Without build-in system-level ESD protection
Fig. 2 With build-in system-level ESD protection
The function of electronic products is continuously enhanced and require more advanced semiconductor manufacturing process to satisfy more and more data transmission. While, the more advanced manufacturing process will degrade the more weak ESD protection capability. Especially, the interface of system must allow hot-plug for most end-user. Therefore, the chance of product failure due to ESD damage greatly increases, and the stronger ESD protection capability must be highlighted for production design. In conventional ESD protection design, many products use “varistor” as the major ESD protection components. While, the varistor will hardly be used as ESD protection component of those advanced communication main chips with high speed and advanced manufacturing process because it’s high clamping voltage, over 30V or more than hundreds of volts. Even in conventional electronic system, the varistor always cannot play a role of ESD protection owing to it’s high clamping voltage.
AMC’s analog switches design have been optimized on the ESD protection circuits to meet the system-level ESD protection request, and therefore have the best ESD protection efficiency.   PCB designer do not need to bother how to select extra suitable ESD protection components based on the electrical properties of the interface specifications requirements.
The ESD issues in the transmission interface is quite similar. While, to meet the transmission specifications and the request of varied signaling rate, excepted the high performance ESD protection capability, AMC’s analog switches should also be designed with the following consideration:
1. The higher signal transmission speed requirements, the lower parasitic capacitance of the switch I/O should be designed to ensure signal integrity.
2. ESD protection circuit must has a faster conduction speed and lower clamping voltage during system-level ESD events.
3. ESD protection characteristics will not be degraded after repeated certain ESD strikes.
4. The ESD protection function can still work in the harsh environment of high temperature or high humidity.
5. The request of ESD protection should be system-level contact-mode 8kV instead of component-level HBM(Human Body Model) 8kV.
AMC's analog switches provide the best quality of signal switching function in all kinds of applications and built-in ESD protection capability of the system-level contact-mode 8KV. That will greatly help customers to solve the ESD problems and cost issue while the transmissionperformance isn't affected. AMC's analog switch design team also uphold the concept of best product to provide customers the most competitive, cost-effective products, and will launch various applications of analog switches.

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