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How ESD Protection Device Respond to the Evolution of High Speed Interface?


Amazing Microelectronic Corp. has focused on electronic ESD/EOS protection design for over ten years. According to the data rate of various interface is getting faster and faster, Amazing has developed ultra low capacitance (0.1pF) 8 channel TVS array-AZ111S-08F for ESD protection. 

The Evolution of High Speed Interface: PCI-E 4.0

Data The Evolution of High Speed Interface: PCI-E 4.0rate of high speed interface such as PCI-E, USB and V-by-One is getting faster and faster. PCI-E is one of the most significant interfaces for motherboard application. The compatibility of PCI-E makes both user and engineers feel convenient if they want to connect different part of motherboard. When it comes to the newest generation of PCI-E (4.0), its data rate is up to 16Gbps, so we have to choose ESD prThe Evolution of High Speed Interface: PCI-E 4.0otection device cautiously according to the parasitic capacitance.  

The evolution of PCI-E and the data rate please refer to table below.

8 Channel TVS Array for PCI-E 4.0: AZ111S-08F

Amazing Microelectronic Corp. has developed ESD protection solution for PCI-E 4.0: AZ111S-08F. AZ111S-08F is an 8 channel TVS array whose capacitance is only 0.1pF, and the clamping voltage during TLP current 16A is 15V. By this TVS array, we can protect 8 signal lines with single TVS IC. That does help us to save space of PCB board, and provide the flexibility for the potential change of PCB design. Compare to 2 of 4 channel DFN2510P10E package, single 8 channel DFN3810P9E package could save PCB space for 36%.

The Most Popular Interface: USB

When it comes to high speed interface, we cannot forget USB. Since USB 2.0 first came out in public in 2001, USB has been more and more popular recently. Along with the evolution of USB, many different kinds of application and connector have been developed. Until now, we can say that USB is the most popular interface among the world. USB type C has been used for not only high speed transmission, but also for power delivery. The convenience of USB type C makes it adopted by many consumer electronics. 

The data rate of USB3.2 type C is up to 10Gbps, so the ESD protection TVS must be low enough to avoid the attenuation of signal. As other high speed interface like PCI-E 4.0 and V-by-One US, AZ111S-08F is also suitable for USB type C Tx,Rx ESD protection.  

AZ111S-08F for USB Type C Layout Suggestion please refers to below pattern.

By different voltage application of Vbus, Amazing Microelectronic Corp. also provides different solution. For instance, if Vbus goes for 5V, AZ3105-01F can provide high-level ESD and EOS protection at the same time. The IEC61000-4-2 ESD Level of AZ3105-01F is up to 30kV, and the IEC61000-4-5 Surge Ipp is up to 80A.

V-by-One Interface

V-by-One Interface is developed by Thine Electronics Inc. which is aim to improve LVDS interface. Compare to LVDS, V-by-One could achieve higher resolution and fewer numbers of cables at the same time. In the beginning V-by-One is mainly for high resolution TV such as 4K TV or 8K TV, but we can find that V-by-One is used not only at Panel, but also at printer, automotive infotainment system or robot now. By adopting MIPI CSI interface, V-by-One can be used at camera module. V-by-One can help to save numbers of lanes from 4(MIPI) to 2(V-by-One).

When V-by-One HS(High Speed) came out on December, 2011, it helped a lot to develop 4K TV(3840 x 2160 pixels) by making data rate faster and reducing numbers of cables. Furthermore, thanks to the reduction of the numbers of cables and the cancellation of clock signal, V-by-One also improved the EMI issue that LVDS would meet, so that the signal could be transmitted for longer distance by using V-by-One interface. Therefore, many engineers started to adopt V-by-One for large size TV with high resolution gradually. 

V-by-One US(Ultra Speed)

However, when the resolution of TV progress to 8K(7320 x 4320 pixels), people can’t help but to consider: Is there possible for an interface even faster than V-by-One HS? Consequently, Thine Electronics Inc. developed the V-by-One US(Ultra Speed) in 2016. The data rate of V-by-One US is up to 16Gbps, so engineers can upgrade the resolution of TV from 4K to 8K and do no need to increase the number of cables.

Until now, 8K TV is still a high-class product among home appliance, and we can understand that consumer must pay attention on the reliability of the high-price product. That’s the reason why many engineers are working hard to enhance the reliability of 8K TV. Not only the circuit designer, but also the ESD protection TVS provider is trying to figure out some ways to efficiently prevent the high speed interface from destroyed by ESD/EOS transient. 

V-by-One US ESD Protection: AZ111S-08F

Because the data rate of V-by-One US is so fast that the capacitance of ESD protection TVS must be extremely low. Moreover, because the high speed interface is sensitive to ESD/EOS transient, the clamping voltage of TVS must be as low as possible. With the feed-through DFN3810P9E package, 0.1pF capacitance and the low clamping voltage, AZ111S-08F can help V-by-One interface of 8K TV to meet the ESD immunity requirement of IEC61000-4-2, Level 4 (±15kV air, ±8kV contact discharge). 

 Please refer to below pattern for the AZ111S-08F Layout Suggestion.

Layout Suggestion 

Differential Impedance: 100ohm 

Width: 8mil Spacing: 10mil 

Height: 6.5mil ESD Pass: ±8kV Contact Pin Injection Test 

In order to satisfy the new application such as 5G technology or high resolution TV, we could figure out that the data rate of every interface is getting faster and faster. Therefore, the restriction of capacitance of TVS is getting much stricter too. In that case, Amazing Microelectronic Corp. is focusing on developing ultra low capacitance and low clamping voltage TVS to enhance the reliability of consumer electronics. It also helps the brand company to prevent unnecessary product returned from the consumer or the factory. And that helps a lot to optimize the image of brand company.

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