• RS485/RS232
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Industrial and Medical Process Control Networks
Applications in industrial process control networks require high safety and high reliability. Therefore, RS485 transceiver must have high noise-immunity in noisy environment and capability to against lightning surge (Surge level > Level2).
Monitoring System Networks
The product of monitoring field was diversification and cost-oriented. Therefore, the requirement of ESD specification is IEC61000-4-2 Contact 8kV and the operation voltage of monitoring system network can be divided into two categories, one is 3.3V supply voltage; the other is 5V supply voltage.
Building automation Networks
Smart-Grid will be into our house in the near future. Not only the energy meter, but gas meter and gas meter will be networked automatic reading system. This becomes a significant advantage due to the economics and efficiency of labor-intensive manual meter reading. Currently, RS-485 is a very important wired port for last-mile data communication.